I write YA Fantasy with a SciFi undercurrent, plus prose poetry, short stories, CNF, and essays. My prose poetry often crosses the line into weird flash fiction–for a recent example, see the Maximum Tilt Summer 2019 Anthology, pages 86-87.

I’m a July 2019 Graduate of the Solstice low-residency MFA in Creative Writing for Children & Young Adults Program; Pedagogy Track courses. All my thanks and love to our Solstice faculty and my fellow students. I owe heaps of gratitude to my faculty mentors Laura Williams McCaffrey (twice), Renée Watson, Brendan Kiely.

I am also a coauthor of published, peer-reviewed psychological research into the effects of poverty on early childhood linguistics, executive function, and theory of mind. My love of studying linguistics and the evolution of language blossomed during those years as an undergrad research associate and lab manager, and my creative writing minor provided even more material and inspiration. I am still fascinated by the intertwined topics of language evolution and grammar rules, especially as they pertain to classism, racism, and white privilege. I’m working on essays about this topic, but I have a couple more books to read before I’ll (hopefully) be satisfied with the body of knowledge I’ve accumulated. And there will always be more books to read.

In addition to blogging about my writing, I write about books I’m enjoying reading and the process and progress of my copy editing, beta reading, and ARC reviewing. Loyal Browncoat, huge fan of Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, Seanan McGuire, Robin McKinley, the Harry Potter World (but not J.K. Rowling), Button Poetry, James Patterson, Richard Castle, and the list goes on.

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