Pink Kicks; The Neil Gaiman Thesis; Not Enough Coffee in the World…

Kids. They are the greatest: At keeping you exhausted. Trying your patience. Implying your presence is absolutely necessary or the world will end right now needed, and then not, and then wanted again, all in a five-minute span. Hugging as though the warmth is a future lifeline. Absorbing all the yeses and letting the noes slide off like unrealized temper tantrums.

This is the Great Beauty of spending time with young kids. You remember hope, relearn the confident ask, raise your expectations because no won’t kill you, and you’re confident you can win the yes. The world hasn’t broken them yet, and if you can carry that fragile memory from your nieces in New Jersey all the way home to Maine, you can cheerful your way through the months until you hug them again.

But srsly, exhaustion. I may be speaking from a delirious, alter-ego state of being. Seeeee?, I’m actually writing, not speaking. Not enough coffee, or Ritalin, in the world when I’m staying with my adorable, energetic nieces. I wouldn’t give this time up for anything.

Moving on. I ordered Vionic brand pink kicks with orthotic soles, or insoles, or something podiatrist-approved. Very comfortable and adorable (pic below). Before I came to NJ, said podiatrist injected numbing solution into both sides of each ankle to release presumed nerve impingement. Ouch. Pain has decreased from walking on hot coals and nails, to walking on dull tacks with gentle-ish vice grips. Take that, toe arthritis. And bone spurs. And plantar fasciitis.

Putting a pin in my love for Neil Gaiman’s many Great Works. Will resume another day. I mentioned the exhaustion, right?

Bright pink sneakers with orange along the bottom edge and top of cuffs.

My new, pink sneakers. I love them!

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  1. I agree with you.
    I find it difficult to understand teen world. My daughter get inspiration from K pop where I am stuck with Backstreet Boys n bands of 90s. Our present culture is very much Fb based. I had family emergency which was my husband had open heart surgery. My daughter was absent in school. One of the class mate was reluctant in sharing home work. So, I called her and requested her that we are having family emergency so she can share H.W.
    Well, that girl thought family emergency means divorce. And my daughter resumed school only to questioned by class mates and they were avoiding her. She failed to
    make them understand. So, I had to intervene. I talked to the class teacher. I told her why they don’t have bullying? I suggested her that at least they should teach some ethics in class. Family emergency can be various. Why children (teen) will think of only divorce? May be TV? Increased rate of divorce in the society etc. The worst part is bullying by teens is horrifying. Sociologists should deeply think about these issues. Including increased rate of animal torture by teens.
    I enjoyed your writing. Especially when u mentioned of coffee. From your writing, I get the inspiration that it is mandatory to spend time with them.
    All the best,
    Best regards,
    Sincerely yours



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